Pricing Information


2015-2016 Season

Whitetail Deer Mounts


Whitetail Buck shoulder mount



Whitetail Doe shoulder mount



Whitetail leather tanned hide (throw)


Whitetail life size fawn*


Whitetail life size half mount


Whitetail life size mount (buck/doe)*


European skull mount*


European skull mount (table mount with oak base)


Whitetail deer rack plaque mount


Large Game Mounts

Mule deer shoulder mount*


Elk shoulder mount*


Black Bear Shoulder &Neck - ¼ mount*



Black Bear life size half mount*


Black Bear life size mount*


Black Bear skin rug-shell with open mouth*


Small Game Mounts

Grey/Red Fox life size*


Bobcat life size*


Coyote life size*


Raccoon head mount in tree


Raccoon life size



Bird Mounts

Turkey Tail & Beard


Turkey Tail, Beard & Feet


Turkey breast mount & Feet


Turkey life size full mount (Flying or strutting)


Duck (Standing or Flying)




Grouse (Standing or Flying)


Fish Mounts

Fish – Real mount of original fish * $12.00/inch – minimum of


Replica  *$16.00/inch   (some larger fish vary)


*Starting prices

If your mount isn’t listed, please call for pricing..


Pricing Information



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